Northern Light no longer offers NLSearch as a public news search engine, however enterprises may license access to Northern Light Business News.

Northern Light Business News features 40,000 news articles daily from 5,000 business-focus Web news sites, including business wires, trade journal and association sites, and industry authority bloggers. Northern Light maintains an 18-month archive of 15 million stories total. The service also features MI Analyst™, the industry’s only text analytics solution developed specifically for market intelligence.

Northern Light Business News is available immediately from Northern Light; direct inquires to Pricing is based on enterprise-wide licensing. Northern Light Business News can be delivered through a collection of Web Parts, via a Web Services API for non-SharePoint intranet sites, and as a customized, stand-alone strategic research portal.

For more information about Northern Light Business News visit our website at

For our public users, thank you for the opportunity to have served you all these years.

— The Staff at Northern Light